Moving Tips for Seniors

So many of my clients and friends are dealing with the responsibilities of caring for aging parents. One of the biggest concerns is how to move them into a home they can better maintain and navigate. A friend who recently went through convincing and finally moving his mother to a new residence asked if he could write an article for my newsletter to convey what he learned and spread awareness of improving senior living. I welcomed this idea and am delighted to introduce Jim Vogel to you. His tips apply specifically to seniors preparing for and managing the move into a new home.


A Moving Guide For Seniors

Hire a Moving Company

Consider hiring a professional moving company to help you pack and unpack your belongings. This is a difficult process that will involve heavy lifting and plenty of physical activity which you shouldn’t do. Hire a moving company that specializes in moving seniors as they have experience and compassion needed for the job. They even offer services such as hanging shower curtains, setting clocks, making beds and installing light bulbs.The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) is one place to find such a company.


You’re probably moving into a smaller space more suited for your needs which means making decisions about what you can and should live without. You can function without the accent furniture no one sits on, kitchen equipment that you’ll never use and bedsheets you haven’t touched in years. Follow the tips provided through HomeChoice Network to help downsize your home or if the process is too emotionally painful, hire an organizer who specializes in working with seniors through the National association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

Prioritize Your Belongings

What items do you need access to before you can go to sleep? Which boxes will go into storage? What belongings are most important to you? Before moving day, carefully label each box with the contents, the room in which it belongs and whether it’s a high priority for being unpacked immediately. Make these notes on the side of each box, not top. Taking the time to label this way will instruct movers on box placement in your new home and help you find what you need quickly.


If movers, friends or family members are helping you unpack, be specific about your needs and wants. Ultimately, this is your space. Be vocal about what you want unpacked first and where you want items placed. This will avoid any unnecessary heavy lifting after everyone leaves.



If you don’t have professional or family help, don’t stay on your feet all day while unpacking your boxes. Rest for a few hours at a time and stay hydrated. Other than the things you need on day one, you don’t need to get everything put away immediately.

If you have any questions about other resources available for seniors moving, please call! I’ll be happy to help!