Never Ending April Fools’

April 1st is the only “sanctioned” day of the year when one can expect an embarrassing moment, temporary state of confusion or momentary shock. But I can assure you that for most real estate agents, April Fools’ can happen 365 days of the year. Combine an eager buyer, an emotional seller (and their pets) and one determined agent on the doorstep of a real estate listing and you have the makings of a perfect storm of discombobulation!


Since this is still April, I thought I would pay tribute to the dubious holiday by relating a few memorable moments:

– I’ll never forget the time I showed a house to a client with the homeowner fast asleep on the couch. Mind you, the seller knew that I was coming and what time to expect me (and therefore shouldn’t have been home!), didn’t respond to the door bell and “Anyone at home?” which I yell out before entering any house, and would not wake up after we discovered him in the living room. At that point we were already in the house so what could we do but take a quick tour? We left him still sleeping on the sofa. I always wondered if I should have called 911…


– Typically, home owners are asked to put pets in a secure location during a showing for the safety of all concerned. One unforgettable day as I was taking buyers around, I stepped into the foyer of one home to meet two snarling, growling dogs head on! Reacting without thinking, I slammed the door on my stunned buyers outside, snatched a pair of leashes I saw hanging on the wall and coaxed the maniacs into a bedroom with tremulous “Want to go for a walk?” inducements. It took me a full day to recover from that one!

– I warn all new agents to NEVER close the patio door behind them when showing clients the back yard. Suffice to say, that lesson was learned when I sheepishly had to call the seller’s agent to come open the self-locking door to free me and my buyers from the back deck on which we were corralled.

– An office colleague of mine was showing a house to clients one evening and as he walked them up the driveway, he fell off the edge which, unbeknownst to him in the dark, was several feet higher than the lawn. He landed sprawled in a mud puddle, got back on his feet, rolled up his soiled pant leg and continued to show his clients the house.

– Another agent tells of the time she took a couple to see a house where the owner’s friendly dog followed them around. In the master bedroom, the dog made a big show of marking his territory on the carpet which clearly sent the message that he wasn’t happy about the state of affairs. These particular buyers got the message and didn’t make an offer.


I’ve got a million more of these war stories! It’s why I never cower on April 1st. It’s April 1st every day of the year!