Something to Brag About

One of the things I love about my business is introducing both out-of-state home buyers as well as long-time residents to this great city. It’s an opportunity to brag about Atlanta, showing off just how unique and vibrant our southern metropolis is! And no, when it comes to bragging, my grandchildren don’t have to come up in EVERY conversation!


An exciting city feature to boast about that always impresses newcomers is the Atlanta Beltline, one of the largest and most wide-ranging urban redevelopment programs in the nation. The core 22-mile loop around the city’s downtown will be a magnet for bikers, walkers and joggers connecting them to numerous parks and trails, 45 neighborhoods and bringing revitalization to many communities. Originally conceived by a Georgia Tech urban design student, the Beltline has been much buzzed over (pun intended – go Yellow Jackets!) ever since it became a city project in 2005. Given its prominence in Atlanta’s long list of attractions, I wanted to provide an update on how much of the loop has been completed, its projected timeline and fun events that are currently taking place along its paths.


What’s Open Now

Currently, there are 4 “official” trail segments that are open for enjoyment. The fully-paved segments are very popular and each has its own personality. It is possible to actually walk a 19-mile “rough” loop wearing proper footwear and employing safe walking/hiking practices. The Beltline folks don’t promote this, however, as there are active rail lines among other challenges. Here is a link to trail maps.

Eastside Trail 2.25 miles
This lengthy stretch is extremely popular with Atlantans with its shopping, art installations, restaurants and proximity to Piedmont Park.
Northside Trail 1 mile
This trail, near Northside Drive and Collier Hills, is one of the most scenic and family-friendly, thanks to the beauty of Tanyard Creek, an interesting bridge, shady playground and green space for running your dog.
Southwest Connector Spur Trail 1.15 Miles
A few blocks from the Westview neighborhood, the spur features a meandering, tree-covered path through the Utoy Creek Natural Conservation area.
West End Trail 2.4 miles
This was the first piece of the Beltline to be built encompassing Atlanta’s popular West End neighborhood and connects to the Westview Cemetery. It’s also home to the Beltline’s first permanent mural.



The Beltline is a 25-year endeavor, repurposing an old rail corridor into the network of public parks, multi-use trails and transit. The project is 10 years into its lifespan with a projected finish date of 2030. Work is currently being done on the new Westside segment.


– Interested in doing fitness classes outside, taking a sunrise hike, getting a cultural tour? Check out the classes!
– Hop on a Beltline bus for a 3-hour tour!
– Grab your bike for free guided tours along its various finished sections.Cynthia Pierce Atlanta Real Estate Agent
Art on the Atlanta Beltline is an annual exhibition that runs from September through November and it officially opens with a Lantern Parade. Don’t have a lantern? No worries, there are classes in which you can make your own!


If you haven’t checked out the Beltline recently, I hope this article will compel you to make a date with a trail. If you see a home along it that looks like your next home…call me!