Stay Calm, You’re Almost There!

I always look forward to taking buyers on the final tour through the home that will soon become theirs. Understandably, many clients are giddy with anticipation, but, as I explain to them, it’s important not to spend all your time visualizing where the furniture is going to go. This is your last opportunity to inspect the house before taking ownership, especially now that the seller’s possessions (in a pre-owned home) have left the building!


The final walk-through isn’t like the professional inspection that was done earlier when you first placed a contract on the home. This walk-through inspection usually takes place within 24 hours of closing, lasts about 30 – 60 minutes and includes just you and me (as your agent), although sometimes the seller may be present to explain the operation of certain items.

Our goal is to check for the following:


The check list above is an example of some of the questions I ask myself as I go through. Please share this list with someone you know who might be thinking of buying and make sure they call me.