The Common Sense Home Buyer’s List

Here’s the scenario: you are in the market to buy a house and you’ve spent some time with your favorite agent (me!) looking at properties. One house in particular captures your interest and you want to go back for a second look. At this stage I encourage my buyers to take a more clinical look at the house…but don’t panic if you feel clueless as to what to look for.


Many articles on this subject would have you convinced that before making an offer on a house you need a contractor’s knowledge about its inner workings. But honestly, common sense is all that is required to make an initial assessment of the property’s condition. Of course you should engage a professional inspector immediately after you have placed a binding offer, but by using this simple checklist below, any mere mortal can gather practical information that will help make this important decision easier.

Look for:


I help all my buyers through this process and am happy to answer any questions you or anyone you know may have.