The Curb Appeal Formula

Let’s face it, we’re all attracted to a pretty face and this especially holds true for home buyers shopping for property. In fact, home prices with an attractive curb appearance can increase as much as 17% and here’s the mathematical formula used to determine that figure:

In (PRICE) =βο + β1 SQFT + β2 HPI + β3 EXT + β4 LVL2
+ β5 DAYS + β6 CURB + ε

No really! The research study that quantitatively demonstrated how much landscape and house appearance impacts home prices also discovered that buyers ranked curb appeal second only to square footage (which encompassed # of bedrooms and baths) in weighing a home’s value.
Curb appeal is not a new concept in homes sales, but its increasing weight in a buyer’s decision certainly is! So what are some concrete suggestions for home sellers to consider in vamping their curb appeal this Spring?

Here is my list:


Porch Furniture

If your front porch is large enough, add some seating that helps your potential home buyer to envision a relaxing scenario overlooking his new property.


Exterior Lighting

So often I see faded or outdated light fixtures on beautiful homes. It’s time to change these fixtures to something stylish that accentuates the house’s appearance.



Trim overgrowth, pull weeds, replace dead or struggling bushes, add fertilizer, flowers and mulch. Hire a landscaper to offer you his perspective on what could accentuate your home’s architectural features or soften edges.


Front Door

Put a fresh coat of color or stain on the front door that draws attention to the entrance, creating interest and a focal point.


Garage Door

Oftentimes front-facing garages make up 40% of the curb appeal and door-replacement now ranks among the top 5 home improvement projects. They contribute greatly to the aesthetic value of a home’s exterior so replacing an old garage door with one that is styled to suit your home should be something to seriously consider.

And as always, please call me if you know of anyone needing real estate advice or services. I’m always available to help!