Thinking Small

Admittedly, I am in an age bracket where many of my contemporaries are considering a change in domestic scenery. Some have retired from work and travel quite a bit, many have grown children whose bedrooms are collecting dust and castoffs and more than a few are annoyed with household chores that cramp weekend plans, much less a lower back. 🙂 For these reasons and more, my Baby Boomer generation gives downsizing serious consideration. But there are other compelling reasons to downsize that every home-buyer should think about regardless of their generation.


LESS EXPENSE A smaller home can certainly be cheaper to buy and cheaper to maintain (insurance, taxes, heating, cooling, electricity, etc.) depending on where you want to live. Having more financial freedom allows you to pay off loans, save more for retirement or live a more enriched lifestyle.

MORE FREE TIME: Smaller homes don’t require as much attention, freeing up one of the most elusive luxuries to obtain – time!


MORE CUSTOMIZATION: Purchasing a smaller house may mean you can spend more on customization to enjoy the real luxuries of life. Heated bathroom floors, anyone?

WALKING LIFESTYLE: If a more urban lifestyle of walking to work, shops and restaurants is appealing, the home you buy to achieve that lifestyle is likely going to be smaller than a suburban family home where cars are essential. It’s a tradeoff many are willing to make for healthier living.

WIDER RESALE MARKET: A smaller, more affordable home is accessible to a wider population when it comes time to sell.

REDUCED MATERIAL BELONGINGS: Less space means you are less likely to fill it. Your compact home won’t be the STOR-ALL facility for your grown kids nor will you have a ton of extra storage to harbor items you aren’t sure you want to donate or throw out. Downsizing in space means downsizing your wealth of “things.” Trust me – it can be freeing!